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  CGI Programming by Collin Forbes
  Using Postcards 2.5   Updated: Thur, 20 Apr 2000  

Add navigation to the templates
The templates are deliberately bare bones, so as to allow for maximum flexibility. Unfortunately, this means they don't have any built-in navigation, except to make links to the next stage of the postcard chain. Feel free to add your own headers and footers and navigation to other parts of your site.

Design the postcard images
The images you use for postcards should be large enough to hold a chunk of text. Don't try to cram a message into thumbnail-sized images, shoot for 400 pixels or more! Feel free to experiment with the text and background colors.

Make a "postcard rack"
The program does not provide a "postcard rack" feature and this is intentional. You'll need to decide how people will access your postcards and make those pages yourself.

Linking to postcards
To link to a postcard form, take the main URL of the program and add a slash followed by the section name of your postcard. Thus if you installed the program as "/cgi-bin/postcard.cgi" and you had a postcard named "sentimental", you'd make the link to "/cgi-bin/postcard.cgi/sentimental".