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  CGI Programming by Collin Forbes
  Postcard 2.5 Installation   Updated: Thur, 20 Apr 2000  

Download and install the CPAN perl modules
It's best if you can have your system administrator install them on the main system (that way everybody can use it), but you can put the modules and their directories in one of your own directories and tell the programs where to find them.




Install the custom modules and are custom modules included with the postcard distribution. Either have your system administrator install them along with the other perl modules, or put them in one of your own directories.

Edit the postcard.cgi file
Make sure the first line of the file points to the Perl 5 executable on your web server. This is usually /usr/bin/perl or /usr/local/bin/perl, but it might be /usr/local/bin/perl5 or something else.

If you had to put the CPAN or custom modules somewhere else, edit and uncomment the 'use lib' line which tells the program where to start looking.

Put the filename of your configuration file into the $configuration_file variable. Use enough of the path so the program will be able to find the file.

Install postcard.cgi on your web server
Put it in a directory where you are allowed to run CGI scripts. Usually it's called cgi-bin/ but it may be different on your system. Make sure your web server knows how to run it.

On a unix server, this means setting the execute permissions on the file or associating the file extension with the perl interpreter on your Windows server. Set the execute permissions on a unix server by running "chmod 755 postcard.cgi."